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Business Growth & Operations

We support companies in establishing, expanding and further professionalizing their operational business.
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We combine proven methods from management consulting with latest technology and data-driven solutions.

Measurable results determine our actions

Together with our customers we attain

Leads generated
Customers acquired
20 m+
Revenue generated
40 m+
Venture Capital raised
Employees hired

Our Competencies


Business Development

To develop new markets & sales opportunities, product lines or even to develop the organization in a meaningful way, valuable input from the outside is often necessary. This is why you can benefit from the experience of our partners across multiple industries.

Business Development

Vision & Mission
Organizational Development
OKR Management
Market & Competitor Analysis
Innovation Management

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LeadGen & Marketing

Cold calling and guerilla marketing became history. We will help you to understand your target group better and to design a content-driven marketing strategy that will convince your consumers and provide a continuous Lead-Flow.

LeadGen & Marketing

Persona & Customer Journey Analysis
Brand Building
Content Marketing
Lead Nurturing Concepts
Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
Performance Marketing

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Together with our clients, we build scalable sales processes so that success no longer depends on the skills of individual sales managers, which can be visualized in the system, and which generate stable sales growth.


Sales Strategies
Ideal Customer Profile Definition
CRM Implementation & Development
Sales Process & Funnel Management
Partner Management
Negotiation Strategies

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Customer Success

Many companies do not use the full potential of their laboriously acquired customers. Formel S develops customer-oriented onboarding and support processes, up- and cross-selling concepts and recommendation programs, which save costs and increase sales from existing customers.

Customer Success

Existing Customer Management & Increase
Onboarding & Support Processes
Up & Cross Selling Concepts
Ticketing Systems
Feedback Management
Recommendation Management

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Human Capital

People play a central role in almost every business model and at the same time they are the most difficult element to manage. Our partners develop sustainable compensation models, employee development programs and performance management concepts that increase productivity, boost motivation and promote the desired corporate culture.

Human Capital

HR Marketing & Talent Acquisition
Employee Incentives
Employee Development
Performance Management
Team Building
Change Management

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Finance & Fundraising

Growth is essential for many companies, but only if they consider a comprehensive strategy with focus on profitability. Our team of entrepreneurs supports you in raising capital, realizing growth and at the same time in keeping track of unit economics.

Finance & Fundraising

Financial Modelling
Pitch Deck Development
Investor Approach & Screening
Due Dillegence Preperations
Participation Agreements
Investor Relations

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The all-round Consultancy

Comprehensive. Results-oriented. Hands-On.
As an all-round consultancy, we concentrate on solving operational problems that affect the core business of our clients. We pursue a holistic approach and combine technology & creativity to create long-term scalable solutions with our clients.

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  • Analysis
  • Consultation
  • Implementation
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Support

In good company – An excerpt of our customers

„Formel S Consulting accompanies us during the market launch of our newest software solution, ScoutPad, in Europe and America. With the support of Formel S, we were able to develop growth-oriented sales processes and map them on the system side, optimize communication with our customers, and establish a content-driven marketing strategy that continuously generates leads and really excites our customers! Thank you very much for the great cooperation.“
Dr. Ulrich Schoof
matchmetrics GmbH
„By working with Formel S Consulting, we were able to develop a scalable monetization model within a few weeks and achieve results that exceeded our expectations. We were particularly impressed by the flexibility and speed of the implementation.“
Tim Schmitz
Jodel Ventures GmbH
„With Formel S Consulting, we introduced a highly scalable CRM system in just a few weeks and set up LeadGen, Sales and Support processes that enabled us to triple our sales in a very short time. Many thanks to the whole team for the great cooperation.“
Thomas Pauker
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Modern infrastructures – Our technology partners

Ready for Take Off?e

Let´s create something great together!

Every successful project starts with the first step.

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How it works

How to make our project successful

Step 1. Evaluation

In a first interview we determine the current status of your company. Together, we work out questions on which solutions should be found and additionally define clear KPI´s where we can be evaluated during the project.


Step 2. Strategy & Planning

Based on the these specific problems, we will work out a concrete action plan to tackle identified potentials in a most time- and cost-efficient manner.


Step 3. Implementation

As a hands-on consultancy, we actively support you in the implementation process and take all necessary steps to achieve high-quality results within the  timeframe.


Step 4. Results

Depending on the scope of the project, the first results should be visible within a few days or weeks. Together, we will develop scalable processes and reporting mechanisms which enable a real-time monitoring.


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